“A Wake Up Call” – The Soul’s Voice

Without proper guidance and loving support, the world becomes a dangerous and much to fear place.
We interact in fear, and see ghosts everywhere we turn.
Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, discrimination based on sexual orientations and religious affiliations.
Anything that is different and do not fit into “my” world view, or the “majority” world view is viewed as dangerous (to be feared, to be punished, to be rejected).

A fearful world is the ideal breeding ground for trauma.
We were born our ideal selves, full of joy, love and freedom, with the potential to achieve anything our hearts truly desire.
But ‘living’ made us forget our true selves, we turn to outside of ourselves for what we desire.
We look to others, to give us love.
We look to possessions to give us joy.
We constantly move to experience different people and places, to give us freedom.
We will never find what we seek for, outside of ourselves, for they belong to the impermanence.
Only that which is true and internal falls into permanence.

We forgot that love is our truest human expression.
We forgot love.
How to give and receive love.
We hurt the people we care, and we hurt ourselves by hurting the people we care.
To forget to love, is to forget ourselves.
We become lost children.
Lost to ourselves.
We forgot who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.
We forgot our eternally forgiving and supporting Mother, and life-giving Father.
We forgot to breathe, to let ourselves be nourished by spirit.
Enemies to our bodies, feelings and desires.
We keep our bodies tight. Frozen. Tight jaws. Stiff neck. Hunched shoulders. Rounded chest. Locked hips. Blocked emotions.
We interact with others and move in fixed ways, depriving ourselves of the spontaneity of expression and life.

We give our power away by trying to “fit in”, instead of “living”.
Keeping ourselves in small and limited roles, staying with what is familiar.
Old limiting beliefs inherited from familial generations before us; culturally and socially, old stories we hold on to, to define ourselves, the perceived victim roles.
We fall into neat spaces that others designate for us.
Silencing our heart’s desires, our soul expression, our spirit connection.
We lose ourselves, when we silence our inner voices, our soul’s songs and dances.
We forgot the last we laughed heartedly, cried courageously, and loved fiercely.
The last we paused to take in the salty smell of the sea, enjoy the twinkling of the night stars and watch the leaves dance on the tree.
We forgot to pause to inhale the smell of our lovers, to caress the soft heads of our little ones, to gently sing and dance with the wind.

Slowly, slowly, we lose our “voice”, the ability to speak our truths, the ability to be our truths.
With the loss of voice, goes our power.
We lose colour from life, and no longer see with eyes of an innocent child, but instead see a world of snakes and thieves.
Magic is limited to fairy tales and all we experience are duties, obligations and a sense of estrangement.
Life is boring, and we constantly seek to stimulate ourselves, whether through our senses, possessions, sex or even knowledge-seeking.

We numb ourselves, so we do not feel what is going on in the world. What our actions are doing to the world.
We numb ourselves, so we do not hear ourselves crying. The desecration of our bodies, minds and souls.
We numb ourselves so that we can stay in jobs we hate, work and live with people who hates us, and give everything that is truly important to us, health, dreams, relationships, for things we do not even care about.
We numb ourselves with plastic foods, cigarettes, booze, mindless activities, and we socialized that to be ok.
We make it acceptable, and teach it to our next generations.

What lies ahead? I do not know.
But do not wait till sickness ails you, death knocks on your door, economies crash, retrenchment arrives, divorce rears it angry head, before deciding to do something about it.
Choose love. Choose joy. Choose freedom.
Thrive, and not just survive.

“Give yourself a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Give yourself a reason to feel excited again. Why are you here? What do you believe? What do you fight for?”



Gratitude – Quek Wan Ting