TCM on Health and Wellness

TCM on Health and Wellness
Family wellness involve more than healthy bodies. Wellness involves healthy bodies, good emotional regulation and healthy relationships between family members. Where members are connected to one another, communicate to each other, and still individuated within the family. On the other hand, when one falls ill, as in the case of major illnesses or in the cases of families who are struggling with issues of infertility, it can destroy this wellness and cause much distress.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is more than just an ancient way of healing and has been gaining recognition and acceptance in the Western counterparts. It has in many cases, resolved issues that had been deemed as little to no hope. Because TCM sees “dis-ease” as a lack of harmony within the body, and addresses the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. TCM recognizes that health and wellness involve harmony and balance between the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, where everything exists within the law of nature. It involves the concept of “Qi” (energy or “life force”) which exists within us, and all around us.
Through the TCM perspective, presenting symptoms often reflect deeper issues. In the progression of “dis-ease”, the body starts off healthy as the Qi is balanced and harmonious. Various factors such as stress and environmental factors etc. can cause an imbalance in Qi and disharmony in the body, which will translate into poor energetic flow or energetic blocks before finally manifesting as physical pain. In treating clients, TCM follows four principles: humans are connected to nature, the body is an integrated whole with its own self-healing capability and that prevention is the best cure. By following these principles, TCM balances the Yin and Yang within the person.

Here are a few TCM modalities:
• In acupuncture, needles are used to relieve energy blocks to help Qi flow. True acupuncture or “energy puncture” is dependent on the acupuncturist’s skill, energy level and understanding of the problem.
• Tui Na uses hand techniques to stimulate acupoints on the body and can be used in combination with acupuncture.
• Classical herbal therapy and foods are often used, through the application of the Five Element Theory that seeks to balance the elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood within the body .
As the world continues to evolve and technologies advance, we are losing more of our connection to nature, and thus the understanding of its natural laws and the way of living harmoniously. We are being exposed to more diseases, terrorism, toxins, pollutions and stress etc.
Thus, we are seeing more health issues, and particularly for many couples, issues of infertility are being increasingly common.
Parenting wellness starts way earlier. It is time to take active steps towards a harmonious body and harmonious relationships through Time Enterprise TCM, who had a 24 years history of working with TCM and specializes in women’s health and fertility issues. They support women in preparing the body before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy.
Live harmoniously. Live well-balanced.